About us

> FAST AND INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS SRL is a young company on the rise , serving a wide range of products , with professionalism and seriousness , making customer ideas into reality.

> Prices are flexible and advantageous , expressing the best price / quality ratio , depending on the complexity of manufactured products , the necessary manpower and equipment used.

> We are flexible and we can adjust production and production rate according to customer requirements for high-volume orders and steady.

> Technology and products used are top quality.

> Warranty for all our products and services and we want each of our customers to be completely satisfied with the quality of our services.

> We know our customers' businesses and we want to bring an important contribution to value added . Always we collaborate with our clients and mutual dialogue underpins our skills in terms of market . This is why our work is consistently oriented to customer needs and think systemically at:

     - Optimizing internal processes of our customers;

     - Reducing internal costs of our customers;

     - Diversification / A wider range of products to our customers;

     - Consulting in application engeneering for our customers;

     - Provision of logistic services to our customers;

     - Increased competitiveness.

> In the future we intend to expand the portfolio of businesses and clients on domestic and foreign markets , the development of production lines , our products and services to the standards required by the EU in the coming years so that our company to be found between performing companies in Romania.