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Plastic pallets

ERT P-H1 technical data

Type: hygienic-sealed pallet
Size: 1200x1000x150mm
Weight: 20 kg
Dynamic capacity: 1500 kg
Static capacity: 5000 kg
Shelfing capacity: 1200 kg
Material: LLDPE
- Hygienic;
- Applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry;
- Easy to maneuver with a forklift in all 4 directions;
- Easy to clean and handle;
- Full abrasive surface;
- It can withstand high temperatures and at very low temperatures (between -30 and +70C);
- Resistant to acids, fats, solvents, microorganisms, insects or bacteria;
- It doesn't dismantle;
- With abrasive surface;
- With flat surface.
paleti plastic



ERT Half technical data

Type: hygienic-sealed pallet
Size: 800x600x150 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Dynamic capacity: 500 kg
Static capacity: 2500 kg
Shelfing capacity: 500 kg
Material: LLDPE
- Low weight, high load, low price;
- Hygienic, deck closed, stock certificates for food, pharmaceutical and chemical;
- Power - storage capacity of up to 500 kg and static charge up to 2500 kg;
- Unsurpassed durability thanks to the characteristics of the chosen material , LLDPE , which has a great impact resistance even at low temperature;
- Invisible steel reinforcements add strength and reduce the deviation;
- Non-adherence surface.

paleti plastic