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Heat treatment


> We produce treated wood and any treated wood packaging items according to the international phytosanitary measures standard ISPM 15.

> The heat treatment is very important and useful. Transporting goods safely and properly packaging is imperative at border crossing points and beyond. So inadequate packaging may result in denial of entry into an EU country or even destroy the packaging used.

> We have the latest technology that allows thermal treatment at high temperatures under ( ISPM15 ) and approved by MAFRD (Ministry of Agriculture and Forests from Romania ) and the NIW ( National Institute of Wood )

> ISPM 15 is the new regulations on goods exported without parasites or diseases. Wooden packaging must comply with regulations in force , heat treated and marked .

> Among the most prevalent pests mention:

     - Asian longhorn beetle ( Anoplophora glabripennis ) - often found in wood packaging material from China

     - The worm parasite of pine wood ( Bursaphelenchus xylophilus ) - microscopic parasitic worm

     - Leaf Moth ( Cameraria ohridella ) - common in Uk - causes premature leaf fall